Beat the machine!

DISCLAIMER: this app is yet another development and therefore contains only limited amount riddles to test whether the game is fun for players.

How to play?

You would be presented with a photo that was generated by an AI for a given prompt. Your job is to discover what was the prompt used to generate the image. When seeing a new image, you would be presented with the number of words in the prompt, and the number of letters in each word, you can build the prompt and submit it, if you hit correctly the word would be marked with a green color.


let's assume that you see the image below
demo generated image
You would start with the prompt:

---- -- --- ----

Your first attempt could be "dark" as the text in the image states, and the result would be as follow:
---- -- ---

Now, you noticed that the text on the image says also "fear" and decided to try the prompt "fear of dark", the result would be as follow:
fear of

Finally, you've figured that the prompt should be "fear of the dark", you enter that and the result would be:
fear of the dark

Congrats! You've beat the machine and you can go to the next challenge!

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